SSAT文化背景 希腊神话 Endymion



  End ymion was a handsome young shepherd who kept his flocks of sheep on Mt Latmos,Asia Minor .Living in aquiet,lovely valley,he lived a perfectly peaceful life.Sometimes when his sheep grazed happily on some rich grass around,he would lie down on the meadow and sleep soundly,completely free from worldly griefs and cares.

  One clear,bright night,as Artemis drove her carriageacross the heavens,her eyes chanced upon a beautiful youth sleeping in the peaceful valley below.Her heart beat with love and admiration.She came down from her moon carriage and gave a quick but passionate kiss on his face.Even the sleepy End ymion was fascinated at the sight of the fair maiden as heopened his eyes.But the vision disappeared so soon that he regarded the whole scene as a dream.Every night Artemis floated down to steal a kiss from the lips of the sleeping shepherd untilher occasional carelessness of duty caused the suspicion of Zeus.The father of gods and men decided to remove the earthlytemptation to the goddess forever.He called for Endymion on to him and ordered him to choose between death in any form and everlasting youth in perpetual dreamy sleep .The shepherdchose the latter,and he still slept on Mt Latmos,with the moon goddess sadly visiting and kissing him every night.



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